So...I have decided to merge Tanyesha together with my interior design blog A Touch Of Luxe, since managing two blogs means I'm not blogging on any of them wholeheartedly, which is really frustrating to me.

I'm going to try it at least and see if it's something people like (or if I loose all you followers...), so that A Touch Of Luxe by Tanyesha will be a lifestyle blog with both interior, fashion, mommy, inspiration and shopping posts - I feel all things go hand in hand and could easily be the start of something even better. Bringing the two blogs together also means that there'll be new posts daily, so hope you'll follow me on this new journey HERE


H&M Conscious Exclusive SS 2015...

Just as we were all snapping up the items from the H&M Studio collection last Thursday - a new collection is soon hitting us. It's the H&M Conscious Exclusive SS 2015 line - I love a lot of these pieces and they are a lot more classic than the very on trend Studio collection. 

The conscious collections are made from recycled materials and I love that H&M are very conscious about the environment - I have stopped counting how many bags of clothing I have brought to H&M for their collection of used clothes that they recycle to make new pieces out of - just like these. For every bag you bring you get a £5 voucher to use in store - so win win for both parties...

I must get my hands on that white duster coat, the maxi dress and skirt, when this collection hit stores the 16th of April.



I LOVE buying preloved stuff - I mean, I think half of my closet is preloved and I want to really make people aware that you can find some really amazing pieces second hand - they might even be new, but someone just regretted the buy. I'll soon show you a few things soon that I bought preloved recently. 
Other than buying preloved, I also sell my own slight used pieces that I just don't wear anymore on ebay, Trendsales and TicTail, but I thought it would be fun to make an event of it and get bloggers, small businesses and private people together selling out of their closets. It's a great opportunity to organise your closet and sell out of the pieces you don't wear, but also to come to the event to do a good bargain. If you are in London the 29th of March make sure to drop by the Podium in front of the Orbit in Olympic Park and say hi.
Read more about the event HERE - stalls are almost sold out, but if you're quick to can book HERE 



I really find it difficult to find children's clothing I really love - I think it's especially hard to find great pieces for baby boys, which is one of the reasons I really what to start my own kids brand (just need to find a manufacturer and everything else that goes into starting a clothing line - so if you have any contacts please don't hesitate to contact me:).
You know I love Zara, when I do my own shopping - they just do some really affordable designer knockoffs - which are great for a mum on a budget... I also love some of their pieces for children. I'm not really into patterns though, but prefer to keep Adam in solid colours like white, grey, black and blue. I really do dig the safari and military trend that's also huge this spring. Need to get Adam all these trousers here for spring and summer. Paired with a plain grey tee and some Stan Smith's or a pair of mocks Adam will be comfy and a handsome little man.